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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adrianne's Birthday (2010)

Hey everyone!! Adrianne's family is having another get together on Adrianne's birthday this weekend, and Kathy wanted me to mention it here and on the Remembering Adrianne blog ...please pass the word on to any more of Adrianne's friends that you think would like to come and may not see it! :)

We are meeting at the McBride's house at 3:00 THIS Sat, Sept. 4th. We will be doing another balloon send off with notes to Adrianne at the cemetery, and then a BBQ afterward (back at the Mcbride's again).

Please contact me, any of her family members ...or etc if you have any questions or need the address to the McBride's house!

**Oh yeah... and if we could get head count that would be super helpful! (for food and etc) *wink*

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